My name is Brenda Williams, and I am the founder of Okika Group, a people-first and community-focused real estate company in the Kaka’ako region. At Okika Group, we walk clients through every step of the buying and selling process, providing responsive and genuine advice. No sales pitches, no pushiness, ever. Our team believes strongly in using simplified methods and implementing unconventional solutions to position our clients to confidently make the best real estate decisions.

Expert Advice. Simplified Sales.

Simple is always better. Because we love digging into the details of real estate transactions, we aim to simplify the process for each of our clients.

It is our goal to educate and advise our clients, because educated people make the best decisions. We navigate our clients through their unique real estate challenges with care, in order to ensure that each client feels confident in his or her real estate decision, and in choosing Okika Group.

We Believe in Helping Others.

Our family & friends, our clients, and our community are everything to us, and they form our brand at the core. We believe in helping others before helping ourselves. We place family first. We value our community, and take our responsibilities within it, seriously.

We believe in continuous personal growth, and in encouraging our team to follow their unique passions, because happy people make the best teammates. We at Okika Group love life, and all of its adventures.

Living & Loving the Hawaiian Lifestyle.

Brenda moved to the islands with her family several years ago, and hasn’t looked back.  Two of her three amazing, mischievous and energetic children were born here: one on Maui and the other on Oahu.  She shares her children’s love for life and all of its adventures.
Before discovering her passion for Hawaiian real estate, and launching Okika Group, Brenda held various executive positions over the span of a decade within Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

A Former Orchid Farm to Call Home.

Brenda and her family currently reside in Manoa Valley, on what used to be an orchid farm. She can often be found in the kitchen, experimenting with bread recipes; hiking with her husband and kids; or enthusiastically training for her first triathlon.  In addition to adventuring with her family, she loves beach days, her morning cup of coffee, and exploring the island.  Last, and probably most important (especially with three kids age 5 & under), she has a healthy sense of humor.

The orchid is one of Brenda's favorite flowers and 

Okika Group's namesake and inspiration.

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